Performance Improved - Server Upgrade

  • Saturday, 24th March, 2018
  • 22:02pm
Everyone will be happy to hear that we have upgraded the server. The server remained active during the transition with the exception of about 30 seconds. A duplicate image of all the data was made, when the duplicate finished, one last check was made to make sure nothing had changed. Upon grabbing the few changes, the redirection to the new server was made. All of our servers are based right here in Michigan which not only keeps our neighbors working, but also provides screaming fast page loads for your site's visitors.

We had been using a dual core processor and 4GB RAM. We now have a quad core processor and have quadrupled the RAM all the way to 16GB. This is going to seriously speed up site that use Content Management Systems such as WordPress or Joomla. We are still hosting on Solid State Drives or SSD's. An upgrade would not be complete without upgrading the size of the drive as well.

Thank you all for your patronage,

Jeff Dennings
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